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we creat vision perfections
of LED display

5 to 24 inch LED time and temperature electronic display

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Tag: LED time & temperature electronic displays, time and temperature LED signs, electric school signs,time display


Tag: LED time & temperature electronic displays, time and temperature LED signs, electric school signs,time display signs, temperature signs

The LED Time & Temperature displays will make you business a featured location. Super bright LEDs will get noticed and present a professional image.With the RF wireless feature, your time and temperature can be changed at a moments notice. Automatically switches between time and temperature.
Product feature
>> Available in 4,5 and 6 digit formats
>> Range of the temperatures: - 88 ~+ 888 degree
>> Available size from 5 inch to 24 inch in height, 100,000+ hour rated LEDs
>> Multiple stroke digits for the ultimate brightness in daylight viewing
>> 8 levels of automatic brightness control
>> Automatic daylight savings adjustments
>> Display Duration: 3 seconds to 9 seconds
>> Time displays in 12 and/or 24 hour format
>> Temperature displays in Fahrenheit and/or Celsius
>> Date displays in mm/dd format
>> LED Viewing Angle: 140°
>> LED Colors Available: Red - 630nm, Yellow - 592nm, Green - 526nm
>> Operating Voltage: 120/240 Volts
>> Special Features: Automatic Dimming (1,024 levels)
>> Non-volatile Memory stores last price displayed
>> Operating Temperature: -40°C to 50°C
>> Cabinet Color: Black
>> UV Resistant Protective PC material Face

Height Model  Number Format Max Size Character Housing Dimension Power N.W. Remarks
5" LSC-S5"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green 88:88:88 127mm W630mm
D50mm H160mm
24W 2.5kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSC-O5"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green W650mm
D100mm H200mm
5.5kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
LSCT-S5"-88:8°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green 88:8°C/ °F 127mm W500mm
D50mm H160mm
8W  2.0kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSCT-O5"-88:8°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green W520mm
D100mm H200mm
4.0kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
6" LSC-S6"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green 88:88:88 15.24mm W680mm
D50mm H190mm
24W 4kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSC-O6"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green W700mm
D90mm H220mm
7.5kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
LSCT-S6"-88:8°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green 88:8°C/ °F 15.24mm W520mm
D50mm H190mm
16W  2.5kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSCT-O6"-88:8°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green W540mm
D90mm H220mm
5.5kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
10" LSC-S10"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green 88:88:88 254mm W108mm
D50mm H340mm
36W 5kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSC-O10"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green W108mm
D100mm H340mm
13kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
LSCT-S10"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green 88:8°C/ °F 254mm W950mm
D50mm H340mm
30W  4kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSCT-O10"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green W950mm
D100mm H340mm
11.5kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
12" LSC-S12"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green 88:88:88 304.8mm W1290mm
D50mm H380mm
60W 10kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSC-O12"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green W1290mm
D100mm H380mm
20kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
LSCT-S12"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green 88:8°C/ °F 304.8mm W1080mm
D50mm H380mm
50W  8kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSCT-O12"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green W1080mm
D100mm H380mm
16kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
16" LSC-S16"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green 88:88:88 406.4mm W1660mm
D90mm H487mm
96W 16kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSC-O16"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green W1660mm
D100mm H487mm
26kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
LSCT-S16"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green 88:8°C/ °F 406.4mm W1360mm
D90mm H487mm
80W  12kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSCT-O16"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green W1360mm
D100mm H487mm
23kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
24" LSC-S24"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green 88:88:88 609.6mm W2382mm
D90mm H690mm
156W 35kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSC-O24"-88:88:88-Red/Amber/Green W2382mm
D100mm H690mm
68kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)
LSCT-S24"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green 88:8°C/ °F 609.6mm W1895mm
D90mm H690mm
130W  28kg Semi-Outdoor IP43
LSCT-O24"-88:88°C/ °F-Red/Amber/Green W1895mm
D100mm H690mm
39.5kg Outdoor use (waterproof IP65 iron cabinet)





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