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8.888 Gas Station Price Sign

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Tag: 8 888 LED Gas Price Sign, 8 888 Electronic Gas Price Sign‎, 8 888 Gas Station Price SignSPECTRUM 8 888 E


Tag: 8.888 LED Gas Price Sign, 8.888 Electronic Gas Price Sign‎, 8.888 Gas Station Price Sign 

SPECTRUM 8.888 Electronic Gas Price Sign/LED Digital Gas Price Sign - 4" to 60" Character Height - Configuration:8.888 - 1-Green/Red/Blue/Amber LED Price Sign - Complete with Controller, Power supply & 2 RF Remote controls (1 remote control is an extra backup remote, in case there is ever a problem) - 140° Viewing Angle
In today's ever shifting economy where gasoline prices seem to fluctuate more often than the temperature outside, having a dependable, easy-to-change LED price display has become the ideal advertising solution for many areas of business. SPECTRUM offer you a reasonable & LED affordable digit solution at the right time. Extremely visible from far distances, SPECTURM LED gas price sign also features an improved controller design, making it easier for employees in convenience store to change the sign's price.




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